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Advantages and disadvantages of retort pouch

times   2018-11-23

In food packaging, retort pouch have many unique advantages compared with metal canned containers and frozen food packaging bags.

First,maintain the color, aroma, taste and shape of food. The retort pouch are thin and can meet the sterilization requirements in a relatively short time. The original color, fragrance, taste and shape of food can be preserved as much as possible.

Second, easy to use. The cooking bag can be opened conveniently and safely. When eating, the food can be opened and eaten by putting it in a bag together in boiling water for 5 minutes, even without heating.

Third, convenient storage and transportation. The retort pouch are light in weight, can be stored together and occupy small space. After packaging food, the space occupied is smaller than that of metal cans, which can make full use of storage space and save storage and transportation costs.

Fourth ,save energy. Because the cooking bag is thinner, it can reach the lethal temperature of bacteria quickly when heated, and the energy consumption is 30-40% less than that of the tin can.

Five, easy to sell. retort pouch can be packed or packed according to market needs. Customers can choose and buy them at will. In addition, because of the exquisite decoration, sales are greatly increased.

Six, long storage time. Food packaged in retort pouch does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Its shelf life is stable. It can be comparable to metal cans, and it is convenient for sale and family use.

Seven, the manufacturing cost is low. The price of the composite film for making retort pouch is lower than that of metal sheets, and the production process and equipment required are much simpler, so the price of retort pouch is lower.


Disadvantages of retort pouch:

Retort pouch also have their shortcomings, mainly due to the lack of high-speed filling equipment, which has a certain impact on mass production.