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Plastic packaging bag gravure printing design and printing

times   2018-10-18

      The design of the plastic packaging bag is the first step of manufacturing. The unreasonable design will increase the printing difficulty and reduce the qualification rate of the printing product. It may also cause difficulties in cutting and bag making, and even cause the whole batch of products to be scrapped.

Therefore, designing plate making is related to printing. Many designers who engage in art design only design from the perspective of art when performing gravure design. They do not fully consider the special characteristics of gravure printing technology, so the vivid picture cannot be printed ideally. From the perspective of gravure printing technology, what should be noted in the design of plastic packaging bags? You can pay attention to whether the design document can meet the printing requirements from the following aspects:

(1) Printing review work before designing manuscripts

Before the gravure design enters the plate making, it must be reviewed by the layout. That is, the plate-making manufacturer and the printing manufacturer communicate effectively to determine whether this document can be effectively printed by the printing manufacturer.

In general, when the customer inquires, we will send the customer's design to the plate maker, let him evaluate whether the design can print perfectly. Customers are advised to provide us with editable files such as psd, ai, etc. If the design contains a spot color, the customer needs to provide us with the Pantone color number, which will make the printing more consistent with the color in the design.

If the design contains a spot color, the customer can't provide the Pantone color number, then the master will adjust the color to make it close, but sometimes there will be a slight color difference, which is a relatively common scene.

(2) "Bleed line" setting

"Bleeding" is a must-have for designers. Whether you are in poster design, magazine design or bag design, you all need to set "bleeding" (as shown below).


The forming of a bag can not be done by printing alone. It must go through the processes of "typesetting printing layering cutting bag making parts processing", and the process of "cutting" is to fit a good printed film is cut into a roll size by a machine. The "bag making" is used to cut the film by "heat sealing" after cutting out the part to be made into a bag from the film roll. Set up the body of the bag.

In the process of "cutting" and "making bags", the machine will have more or less errors (see Figure 1 below), and bleeding is to make a safe range of 2~5mm in your design draft. Even if there are errors in the process of cutting, you will only cut into these extra places, and will not cut into the things in your design (see Figure 2 below).


Of course, when the customer sends the design to us, we will make a layout for the customer. If the text and content in the design may be cut off, we will remind the customer to adjust their design.

(3) Image resolution setting

There are many ways to make a design draft. One of them is to use a photo as a part of the design, or to use the PS design and output it into a picture for printing. This is actually a clever way. Many designers may can not use AI, but their professionalism in other software or photography allows him to use other methods to complete the design independently and convert it into a picture on the knife map.

However, when designing with this type of method, you must pay special attention to the "resolution (dpi)" of the image and photo. The resolution is like the fineness of the photo and the image. The lower the resolution setting, the more blurred the photo looks. On the contrary, the higher the dpi setting, the clearer it will be. In general, the printing house and the color art field will require a setting value of at least 300 dpi or higher to ensure the printing quality.

Of course, the detailed setting values will be slightly different according to different printing factories. However, if you start shooting or making pictures and the photo resolution is set to 300 or more, you can effectively avoid the time to spend more time to make changes.

The above is the design knowledge of the three-point packaging food plastic bag that I introduced to you today. There are many other things in the field of food grade packaging bag design that I don’t describe because of the length of the article. I will add it to you in the future.