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The Compound packing bag

times   2018-12-08

  Composite bags mean the different characteristics material Composite together to improve the permeability of packaging materials, moisture permeability, oil resistance, moisture proof and drug resistance,and make it play a insect-resistant, dust proof, prevent microbes, Make it play insect, dust, microorganism, light, incense, odors and other impact resistance, better mechanical strength and processing performance, and have good printing and decoration effect.


According to the form of packaging classification:

3 side heat seal bag, Yinyang bag, Center sea bag, pillow bag, 4 side sealing bag, 8 side sealing bag, stand up bag, zipper bag, spout bag, roll film, bait bag,side gusset bag .


According to the function classification:

high Yin diaphragm bag, cooking film bag, anti-static film bag, anti-bacterial film bag, anti-fog film bag, vacuum bag, anti-chemical film bag, deoxygenation packaging film bag, air conditioning packaging film bag and so on.

According to the material classification:

Plastic-printed composite PET, MOPP, OPP and so on.

Heat sealing material: CPP,PET and so on.

Intermediate composite: aluminum plated, pure aluminum, nylon, woven,and so on.