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The things regarding craft paper bag

times   2018-11-29

Kraft paper self-sealing bag additionally called craft paper zipper bag, its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free in line with the national environmental protection standards with high strength and high environmental protection is one in all the foremost well-liked international environmental protection packaging materials. For the craft paper material has brown craft paper, white craft paper and matte opaque film multi-layer composite material!The thickness of normal craft paper bag is one-side 15 mm,you might said 15 silk or 15s, It will create to order in step with the need totally different thickness.

 Brown kraft paper bagWhite kraft paper bags


The printing technique of craft paper self-sealing bag is comparatively complicated, however the printing exquisite degree is higher, then we could print up to 9 colors and compared with normal printing  1-2 colors  of the PE bag, i believe that the craft paper bag more stunning and generous and high-end category. The self seal craft paper bag a lot of ancient self-sealing bag packaging than promoting power.

We are one of custom package bags supplier from China, and we could make all kinds of package bag with your request. For example, ,3 side heat seal bag, aluminum foil plastic bagFood grade stand up pouches, flat bottom coffee bag, coffee bag with valve,  Eco-friendly stand up pouches,Child resistant bag and so on, Whatever for tea, coffee, nuts, dry food and any others package. We totally can make it.