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Why vacuum bags?

times   2018-12-17

The main function of the vacuum bag is to remove oxygen. In addition, it also has the functions of compression, gas barrier and preservation. It helps prevent food spoilage and effectively maintains the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of the food. There are many foods that are not suitable for vacuum packaging and must be packaged in a  vacuum inflation bag. For example, fragile foods, agglomerated foods, easily deformed greasy foods, sharp-edged or high-hardness foods would pierce bags.


The principle is relatively simple, because food mold is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, and most microorganisms (such as fungi and yeast) require oxygen to survive. Vacuum packaging uses this principle to extract oxygen from packaging bags and food cells, causing microbes to lose their "living environment." Experiments have shown that when the oxygen concentration in the package is less than 1%, the growth and reproduction rate of microorganisms will drop sharply. When the oxygen concentration is less than 0.5%, most microorganisms are inhibited and reproduction stops. (Note: Vacuum packaging can not inhibit food metamorphism caused by anaerobic bacteria reproduction and enzymatic reaction, and should be combined with other auxiliary methods such as freezing, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt mash, etc. .) The Vacuum deoxidation inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.


Another important function is to prevent food oxidation, because oily foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which are oxidized by oxygen to make the food taste bad. In addition, oxidation also causes loss of vitamins A and C, as well as the action of unstable substances in the food pigment to darken the color. Therefore, deoxidation can effectively prevent food from deteriorating and maintain the color, aroma, taste and nutritional value of the food. High concentrations of oxygen keep the fresh meat in bright red.

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